r:ead # 1: Reports of participating artists and curators online!

post: 2013/07/06

The residency east asia dialogue’s 2nd period of stay (creation period) was held from Feb 22 to March 13, 2013. For the artists, this was their second stay in Tokyo after a one-week orientation period in December 2012, in which all participating artists initially gathered and shared their artistic ideas and previous work.

For the r:ead curators the 2nd period of stay was their first encounter with Tokyo and the other r:ead participants. After the residency period in Tokyo had finished with a final presentation of each team at the Nishi Sugamo Arts Factory, all participants returned to their home countries. Back home, they looked back and critically reflected their experiences in Tokyo again in a report. Their texts are now online. Please check, how the residency in Tokyo influenced the work and thoughts of the participating artists and curators from four East Asian countries.