r:ead # 2 – Announcement of participating artists and curators

post: 2013/12/13

After it’s first edition in held in 2012/2013, r:ead is now prior to the start of its 2nd edition. Like in the 1st edition, we invited four artists of the younger generation from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to come together in Tokyo and, while undertaking research in several areas of the city, to hold presentations and discussions regularly. The four artists of the 2nd edition are (in Japanese syllabary order) : Hwang Kim [South Korea], Motoyuki Shitamichi [Japan], Xun Sun [China] and Pei-Shi Tu [Taiwan]. They were selected for r :ead # 2, as all of them (although in working in completely different artistic fields) in their work so far approach issues of East Asian history and relationships between East Asian countries.

Each artist selected a curator of her/his choice, who accompanies them to Tokyo and forms their intellectual counterpart in order to broaden and deepen the discussion. The curators are (in Japanese syllabary order) : Haeju Kim (Korea), Jow-Jiun Gong (Taiwan), Hitomi Hasegawa (China) and Hiroyuki Hattori (Japan).

From Dec 15, the r :ead members will gather in Tokyo for one week and share their perspectives on East Asia’s past, present and future. The three-week long 2nd period of stay will be held in February/March 2014. On this website, we will regularly inform about the progress of the project.