What comes after

post: 2013/06/10

To believe that you know something exactly is perhaps dangerous. At least, it is for me. In Jean-Luc Godard’s “Film Socialisme” [English title: “Socialism”], children say they won’t speak to people using the verb “to be” and instead try to use the verb “have”. During the residency period, I made an attempt to leave behind the potential for a new system by avoiding using the verb “to be” with regard to a number of keywords and Japan.

The ideas that occupied most parts were “democracy”, “virtuality”, “mental cosplay”, “Otaku”, “surplus”, and “catastrophe”. As I wrote in my previous text this was because the presidential election and the Mayan prediction of the end of history at the end of last year had generated a strong disbelief and reflection on the system, and a peculiar power of imagination. At the same time, I was interested in the abundant energy created by this situation.

At the start we conducted our research through interviews we had been setting alongside our thematic keywords. The interviewees were Hajime Matsumoto, Yasuo Ozawa, Hiroki Azuma, and Joo An. Furthermore, we participated in events at the Genron Café, which is run by Hiroki Azuma, watched performances, and did research by hanging around in several areas of Tokyo. But the more we evolved, the more the keywords we had in our minds at the beginning were dismantled and becoming useless. (This is what I thought at that point in time.)

When I had to make a public presentation of the process that was not yet structured in my own mind, I was not sure about the form for the presentation, as it was still the first stage of the creative process. Moreover, much of what I had been researching for this program in advance had lost its shape after arriving in Tokyo. As a kind of last-ditch measure, I remembered a quiz that I had seen at the Genron Café and had found interesting. I made a collage with my own questions, but if I am honest, I do not really know what meaning it was supposed to have.

What comes after?
In the beginning, it seemed a little vague to me what the outcome could be after two residency periods of respectively one and three weeks. But when I returned to Korea a few things became the opportunity for some ideas that had existed solely like islands to finally come together. Based on this, I am now working on a new project together with a travel agency that offers nomadic tours without moving. I will not explain my new project that was born out of r:ead. I prefer to show an image rather than words. A quiz….?